RENOWN Youth Conference
  • 2825 Lexington Rd
    Louisville, KY 40206

  • The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

RENOWN Youth Conference

From the RENOWN website:

Renown is a two-day discipleship conference hosted by Boyce College, crafted for Christian high school students to develop and mature their faith. Join us for an energetic, fast-paced weekend packed with high-caliber content from experienced and faithful speakers, engaging worship, and breakout sessions offering specific and practical teaching on the Christian life. 

The 2020 Renown conference will center around the question “What is a Christian?” The question sounds simple, but with a thousand voices clamoring to tell us what it means to be human, to be spiritual, and to have a meaningful life, the core of what it means to trust Christ and follow him can get lost. Over the course of four sessions and breakouts, we will dive deep into how the word of God answers this question, and what it means for your life.