Sunday School

Sunday School

Sunday School meets weekly before service
during the school year between 9:30 – 10:15 AM.

Join us this year (2019-2020) as we join together to discover
The Heart of Change

Real Change… becoming more like Jesus in everyday life.

We will seek to understand the message of James 4:1-10 as it applies to the workings of the “heart.”

All of us have hearts that go astray; all of us face troubles that weigh on us. But Christ meets us where we are, in the places where we struggle. God promises to work patiently with us in the midst of our waywardness and our woes. Faith meets God in the very place of honest struggle with sin and affliction.  His mercy and grace changes us in ways that are truly beautiful and joyous. Real change is not a self-improvement project that we do entirely on our own!  We grow nearer to God both by his direct working and by the encouragement and prayers of other people.